Today’s Links

Joho: Folksonomy 2×2: “Very cool stuff on the origin and dimensions of folksonomy. Learn what tagging in technorati, flickr,, is all really about”

SmoothWheel makes FireFox smooooth!: “Mac web browsers always scroll pages in a jerky fashion (due to the postscript engine). This Firefox extension makes Firefox scroll so smooth, you think you were on a PC (wait a sec, I didn’t just say that did I ?)”

Damnit! Dance for goodness sake!: “CNN reports on how American Insurers are collaborating with Health organizations to motivate obesed kids into playing DDR.”

Singapore – The Open Source Software: “Believe it or not I found this OSS on SourceForge called Singapore! It’s a PHP-based image gallery.”

Jailed ‘Killer’ Freed After Wife Turns Up Alive: “Damn, that must have hurt… more human rights needed in China”

Podcasts reaches 29% of mp3 player owners: “Reuters reports on PEW’s recent Internet Life Survey where they claim 29% of MP3 player owners have downloaded a podcast (+/- 7.5%). A little far fetched for something so new.”