New Scam in Comment Spam

new spam comments

OK, as bloggers we all know what comment spam looks like. In fact, an interview with a blog spammer revealed that he doesn’t care about comment spamming active blogs as he knows his comments would be erased (by vigilant people like us!). He mostly targets inactive blogs where the owner doesn’t really clean up the mess spammers make. This no longer seems to be true though as the latest scam in comment spam is a spam disguised as a real comment.

As seen in the image above, I thought I had finally had more avid readers of my blog when to my dismay, I found their URLs leading to parked domain sites, which eventually ramps up their Google Rankings. As seen in the red circles, most of these also share the same IP addresses… i.e. one person doing all this sneaky work. Oh well, time to mark these as spam…