BlogPulse Tools

Alex Halavais blogged today about Intelliseek’s BlogPulse Tools which I’ve heard of before, but never checked out.

In brief, BlogPulse is a search engine but allows for analysis of trends in blogs. Specifically, it offers a variety of tools that do the following things:

  • A Search Engine for blogs
  • A set of Analysis tools that are applied to blog content daily
  • A fun look at real-world Trends as reflected through blogs
  • A Showcase, which we think of as a virtual sandbox where our researchers bring you some of the coolest new ideas, tools and gadgets for blogging

BlogPulse showcases the prowess of their trends analysis with coverage of the Tsunami Crisis as well as their latest offering of the Conversation Tracker, which converts explicit links among blog entries into a threaded history. From the Conversation Tracker page, you are suppose to be able to enter URLs which feature the topic of your choice and find the entire tread of conversation in chronological fashion across blogs. Rather than using their examples, I tried a few entries familiar to me and found nothing, which probably meant that most of my conversations were either too insignificant or too new.

Try it and let me know of your success.