Technorati Tag bookmarklet for Singapore News

In my previous “Straits Times” article, I talked about how we could use the technorati tag “singapore” in order to blog collectively on news and opinions about Singapore. This would allow online readers to simply go to to read everything regarding developments back home.

Not long after the publishing this, Ivan Chew provided a useful comment on how we could make this process simpler. His suggestion was to have country specific browser toolbar add-ons that users can install, that they can then drag and drop the tag to the blog post, which makes it easier for them to tag their posts. In practicality, the first thing I thought of was a handy technorati tag generating bookmarklet. So my search began…

What I found came in the form of the “Technorati Tags bookmarklet” by Matt from As seen on BoingBoing, Matt created a bookmarklet for adding Technorati Tags to your blog entries, so that it’s easy to associate the stuff you post on your blog with the pictures that others upload to Flickr and the links that get posted to (Technorati does gather tags from itself, flickr, & furl). Here’s how it looks like:

technorati tag bookmarklet 1
Click on the bookmark, and a small prompt will appear asking for tags. In our case, enter “singapore” as the tag and add other tags if you wish.

technorati tag bookmarklet 2
Once you enter the tags, another box will appear with the code written for the technorati links. Copy this code and paste it into your blogging software of choice.

Simple enough? This is an alternative to handcoding your technorati tag repeatedly. Try it by going here for the bookmarklet, then drag it to your bookmarks bar for quick technorati taggin’ !

6 thoughts on “Technorati Tag bookmarklet for Singapore News

  1. Excellent! Thanks for the recommendation. In fact, I went just dropped a mail to Technorati with this suggestion:
    “I like your Searchlet. Wonder if you guys can create a “Taglet” or something. Just like how we install the code to our blog, the Taglet could be installed to our browser toolbar or blog. The idea is to allow the blogger to easier build and pick a list of tags to add to the post.”

  2. True, a more refined “taglet” like ones offered by would be great for technorati. I bet you they are working on it.

  3. Congrats! Technorati is able to search blogs without technorati tags, but since they enabled tagging a month or so back, there is a common hope of them making it easy for bloggers to produce such tags. Right now I find that tagging posts is a little funky, fix that and technorati’s going to even more places. has a decent bookmarklet for tagging, one of which is smart in that it recommends tags for your link based on what others tag the same link.

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