Interview with “Texas Hold’em” blog spammer

Given that we’ve definitely encountered comment spam on our blogs, I thought Chris Pirillo (on the right) was so swell in doing this. He interviews a guy who used to post Viagra and Texas Hold’em links in blog comments across the Web. Todd “Oilman” Friesen has since cleaned up his act, instead employing years on the dark side of the biz to helping companies figure out how to reach their audience in the search space the right way. It seems to me that “evil doods” in the tech business always get the better end of the deal (i.e. reformed Kevin Mitnick); they get respects for being 1337. I wanna be evil too, but alas, I’m a mere wannabe.

Here’s the audio interview with ex-spammer, Todd. Listen to how he actually compliments WordPress!
Listen to “From Texas Hold’em to Texas Tea – Meet the Oilman” (mp3)

P.S.: Alex H, there’s a bit from Todd about “no follow” on blogs.

7 thoughts on “Interview with “Texas Hold’em” blog spammer

  1. Yeah, I caught this. The most impressive thing is that there is no stigma when it comes to the spamming. Mind you he doesn’t do any of the nasty email spamming–noooo, that’s beneath him. But blog spam is OK.

    The problem with both the WP compliment and the nofollow FUD is that you don’t know whether he is saying this because he really means it, or because it makes spamming easier. (As you can see, I’m not exactly buying the “reformed” bit.) Ah, well.

  2. Apparently some spam bots can decipher CAPCHA verification systems, but they are still experimental. Spam’s on the rise though… both on Gmail and on blogs.

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