The Wists vs. Showdown


Some time ago, I posted an article entitled “a better way than remaindered links” where I visually explained how bloggers could improve the way they showcase the tons of sites they visit on a daily basis. Main improvements I proposed to the traditional method of mashing together these links with brief descriptions included the addition of a thumbnail or key image from the web site and a software text summary engine to instantly capture briefs ideas about the site. This adds more metadata to the links, which makes them easier to search.

Well guess what… after a month I posted that, a brand new visual bookmarks web service emerged, which seemed to have answered my prayers. Called Wists, this social bookmarking service lets you track, share and tag your favorite destinations on the web. Wait a sec, doesn’t all this already sound familiar? The difference between Wists and though, is that Wists integrates a thumbnail or key image from the web site you add to your list. Finally, a quick visual reference for remaindered links! So how’s Wists like compared to


  • Wists and allow you to share bookmarks based on tags (key words that describe the link).
  • Anyone can traverse everyone’s shared bookmarks via tags, URL or even subscribe to them as RSS feeds.
  • Both provide bookmarklets (functional bookmarks) to easily add sites
  • Both are FREE services
  • Differences:

  • Some say Wists is prettier because of the images, others might say it’s a colorful mess
  • Wists shows everyone’s bookmarks by most recent additions, while shows them as most recent and most popular.
  • Public or private bookmark sharing is wholesale on, while Wists lets you set it with every single bookmark.
  • has an open API which encouraged a lot of home-made plugins, while Wists shares no API and is still too new to have any plugs of their own.

If you haven’t played with either bookmarking services, what are you waiting for?
Here’s a beginner’s guide to on

I’ve been searching high and low for better ways to manage the massive globs of information I peruse everyday and social bookmarking services not only let me properly archive my collection, but clue me in to new ones. Granted you still have the headaches of deciding what tags to attach to links you add, but hey, just grow the list and prune them slowly. If you think you’ve made an awesome list of tags, DO SHARE!! Stay tuned for my next article, “Better Remaindered Links via Wists”.