Having Fun with Flickr!

What’s in your bag” is a cool new flickr movement that makes me wanna pour stuff out of mine and snap away. It’s part voyeurism, part geek… wait a sec, do they always come together? While some bloggers have discovered the fun one can have with Flickr, others have taken a deeper approach to playing with Flickr. Social networks is the order of the day here and many services tap into the Flickr API to do wonderful things… such as the flickr graph (See mine below).

GustavoG, a german flickr user, went into greater lengths researching the demographics of flickr. Out of sheer curiosity of that Flickr’s population looks like, he studied the information pertaining to contacts and testimonials. There are two explicit relations between Flickr users: X “contacted” Y (what we call that Y is one of X’s contacts), and X wrote a testimonial about Y (and Y published it). He then listed Flickr’s top contacters, most contacted people, top testimonial writers, and so on. Of the 239661 contact links, 190576 are mutual contacts, that is, there are 95288 pairs of people that have made each other a contact. This is a very large proportion: almost 80% of all contact links are mutual. However, only 20.6% of the testimonials are reciprocal.

inju flickrgraph