It’s OK, Nobody is Perfect.

Yes, from hacking computers to home applicances, it is now officially mainstream for people to modify themselves in more drastic ways… While body enhancement isn’t new (think of body piercings like earrings, to tattoos), what’s enlightening to me is how there are magazines now devoted to cosmetic surgery, liposuction, cutting lasers, botox injections and enlargement/reductions in “you-know-what”. I first spotted New Beauty at a Wegmans Supermarket and was kicked-in-the-butt awakened at how this well-produced magazine marked a real trend was in America. Then came the news over BoingBoing that magazines like that were appearing in Denmark (love the name Plastique!) and even in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Apparently there’s stuff for men too…

2 thoughts on “It’s OK, Nobody is Perfect.

  1. I’m actually pretty excited about the changes in bodymodding. There seems to be a trickle-down effect. The idea that you could plonk down $1000 at a strip mall and have someone use a laser to cut your eyes into a more usable shape seemed like scifi just a decade ago. Now, I still wouldn’t trust my eyes to a chop shop, but thousands of people do.

    If I were to go back to school, it would be for a degree in biomechanicals. Adding robotic bits to our flesh and otherwise modifying the way we look, feel, think, and behave (i.e., self-hacking) is where it’s at in the next 20 years.

  2. I’m totally for the idea in your second paragraph. Instead of modding your body for form, why not use the same space your use for silicon implants for more functional applications, such as data storage (memory augmentation), central processor for probability calculations/predictions during real-life events. Since we presently use external devices such as cell phones and PDAs, I’m just saying for people to add more use to implanted silicon!

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