SYMC Presentation Session 2 @ Block 68E

Transcript of Session 2 @ Block 68E. This was mostly on Internet research.

Internet Dangers: Impact of Pornography & Violence on Youths
Prof. Angeline Khoo
National Institute of Education

• PAGI – Parents Advisory Group Internet
• Boys continue interest in porn compared to girls who decline
• Touch Community, MCYS: Use Peers to guide 15-16yrs

‘Blog Thyself’: What Singapore Youths reveal in Weblogs
Masturah Ismail
National Institute of Education

• “Push Button” democracy
• Most persistent expression of identity online: ‘liminal’ space between public & private
• Ongoing conversation; comments
• Blogs allow for continuity with past
• Blog variations: rejected publications, update friends on local / foreign issues / outlet for emotive / artistic expression
• Imprint Uniqueness by modifying templates
• Blog of Ex-government scholar now graduate student
• Political blogs
• Anonymity vs privacy vs credibility
• 12 year old schoolgirl
• virtual vs real selves: Xiaxue blog
• Why reveal factual details?
• Hyperreality require bloggers to validate using traditional documents that undersign identity
• Challenging authoritative discourse: Identity negotiation & experimentation
• Invite unique perspectives that challenge authoritative discourse (rebel)
• Challenging subjectivities
• Identity play – acts of identification & differentiation

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