Singapore Youth & Media Conference 2005

I’m all set to give my SYMC presentation tomorrow on our research study entitled “The Internet & Social Capital: Exploring the Web presence of Youth Organizations for Civic Engagement”. There’s quite an interesting lineup of presenters at this conference, which will be attended by fairly well-known personalities in the various media and governmental agencies. Prof. Pauline Cheong and I have been working continuously on furthering this study. We’ve recently managed to interview a few organizations in our sample on how they use the Internet as a means for communicative action with their community of members. We certainly hope for SYMC to provide good exposure for our study so that we can improve our work by making it more relevant to community-based organizations.

If you’re interested in our study, you may download our report on “The Internet & Social Capital” below. I only ask that you leave your contact should you wish to be updated on our research:
Research Paper (PDF)
Related Appendices (PDF)
Quick Definition on Social Capital (Web Link)

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