Lookster: For people who look similar

As a matter of observation, I’ve seen people who look disturbingly similar to people I know. In a somewhat pointless exercise, wouldn’t it be interesting to build a directory of people who look similar and build connections based on that? Heck maybe even call it “Lookster”, as opposed to Friendster. Unless some advanced facial recognition algorithm can be build as a web crawler to scour the web for photos of people, this would have to be a manual process, with the reward being having the ability to boast that you got the best finds on the Internet.

Perhaps a little story might start the ball rolling…
I was watching some local Chinese television drama series called “Kung Fu Soccer” (based on Stephen Chow’s “Shaolin Soccer” movie) when I noticed that the female lead not only looked attractive, but looked very familiar. I soon realized that she resembled my real-life belle, Penny. Searching the web, I found more pictures which might help prove this claim. Just take the glasses off Penny and you’ll see how close they look. Photo on left is Penny, on right is HK Singer/Actress Joey Yung.

Penny vs Joey

What do you think? Any similar ones you’ve found so far?

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