Fiendster: the new way to hate people

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According to their web site, Fiendster is a online community that connects people through networks of fiends who are into boring the pants of each other or who want to make new fiends fast. Although clearly made as a spoof of Friendster, wouldn’t it be interesting to visually construct your networks of enemies? Say you’re a business competing with other businesses, or even america a nation which could better defend itself if there were some better form of threat assessment. This might work if we inverse the way friendster works… instead of building relationships, Fiendster could show what relationships aren’t working or are non-existent. Do you think this idea is useful?

162 thoughts on “Fiendster: the new way to hate people

  1. Ah, network analysis at its finest. Perhaps instead of predicting conflict on the basis on communication networks, we should let every world leader sign up on fiendster and study that behavior. Of course Bush’s network would be obvious….let’s fight with everyone to keep our “super” status….

  2. i think it was relly great.
    i`m serious of course.maybe it`s the way to show our dark side but one think that we should remember “this is just in cyber world, just for fun”
    i hope all that stuff didn`t influence your emotion`s growth directly.
    i don`t know what i talk about just forget it

  3. I don’t really see the point of it. Unless you’re angsty, and you want to go around finding more people to hate, then would it be useful I suppose. Or yah, like you said, two rival companies purposely listing each other, that would be funny, haha, yet completely pointless, useless, and achieves nothing whatsoever. I think people will join just for the novelty of it all.

  4. i think it ain’t right…coz why make enemies if it’s more fun to have friends? and the site of making enemies might cause sumting not nice to pipol of instead of making friends in friendster…they sign up at fiendster and start to make foes..although its for fun, it won’t be a good habit and action to each individual…

  5. dear,
    I don’t understand why do we must hate people? I think it’s not god idea, please tell me what does it means? I agree with their said cause it’s fun to have many friends.. no body’s gonna respect us and I confuse about this website.

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