Free Download: COM515 Complete Class Notes

As promised, here is a compilation of the COM515 class notes I’ve been taking throughout the semester. I actually have audio recordings that sync with the notes, but it only works on Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac (i.e. Get a Life, Get a Mac!). All I ask for in return for downloading is for you to leave me a comment in this post. Good luck for your exam!

Download: COM515 Complete Class Notes (.doc)

Update: Now available as a Wiki under TheoryClassNotes

9 thoughts on “Free Download: COM515 Complete Class Notes

  1. Hey, Kevin: notes are excellent (or, to be more accurate, since I haven’t looked over the notes yet, the idea is excellent), but I would appreciate it if you would poll everyone involved before broadly releasing audio recordings. I knew Beth was recording (didn’t know you were, too), and I don’t particularly have a problem with it, but since everyone’s voice is there, they should all get a shot at saying they don’t want it disseminated.


  2. Kevin, this is awesome. I sorely wish I could have done the same. I have to re-do most of my notes to even intrepret or share them. They are a mess! If I can organize things as well I as intend, perhaps I will follow you’re lead and post them.
    I laughed while skimming–saw the “I Am” list. I had “I am hungry” on my list. Not really a group or a characteristic. Just honest. ­čÖé

  3. OH!!!! That is really marvelous!!!! I am just worried about my notes because it seemed almost nothing in it. Thanks a lot for your sharing!

  4. My comments as seen on Alex Halavais blog

    The thought of using a WIKI for collaboratively compiling sets of theories together did cross my mind too. You addressed a big problem I had, that is giving ???immediate benefits??? to wiki-ing. I think the complexity of it (does take a while to get it going) is presently a deterent. Once students get used to it though, we would end up with an impressive mini-wikipedia on comm theories which would rival that of other static theory web sites.

    On the second point of in-class collaboration, we should really experiment with using SubEthaEdit as you mentioned in class before. The setup could include a few key note takers using Powerbooks/iBooks with a display of what???s collectively being typed projected on screen. Kind of like real-time performance art.

  5. Thanks a lot, Kevin. I’m so happy that you are my classmate. I am willing to do for you whatever. Thanks again.

  6. I am always surprised by your smart-ness and organized way of thinking. Thank you so much for your sharing. I also want to show a respect to your initiative!!!! :>

  7. hi, forget how i happened on here, but i’m a grad student and interested in social software, cmc, etc. thx for sharing notes!

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