Internet Edges Worth Investing In

As seen in Alex Halavais’ COM634 Media Info Age class today, he talked about the edges of the Internet which should be worth investing in. These edges include:

    DIY Edges

  • Modification of car
  • Modification of software
  • Fabbing (online fabrication)
    Organizational Edges

  • Howard Dean’s campaign
  • Flickr
  • Meetup
    Marketing Edges

  • Extreme placement (The Restaurant)
  • Brand advocacy / Customer evangelism (Apple)
  • Guerilla marketing (BuzzAgent)
  • Social Networking (Popstick)
    Convergence Edges

  • Bittorrent/Freenets and other P2P
  • NetFlix/Tivo pair-up
  • CameraPhones / Semacode
  • Location awareness
  • Networked robotics, remote actuators (remote dildos, SMS soda payment)
  • Cyborg / Implantables