RSS feeds + Audio = Podcasting

Apple 20 GB iPod M9282LL/A As seen in a blog near you, podcasting is all in the rage now. According to Playlist (new magazine for iPod owners), podcasting is the process of automatically recording audio from an RSS feed and transferring it to a portable audio player. Buzz-worthy as it may be, however, it’s still in its infancy. In its purest form, the scheme requires that audio is pushed to your computer (an iPod or equivalent) from an RSS-feed, yet feeds that contain material that most people would be interested in listening to are sorely lacking, which shows how new this is! Like many pioneering podcasters, I would agree that what podcasting is doing for radio is what blogging is doing for mass media, that is breaking down the barriers to entry in reaching out to the world and providing the public with great choice. If all goes well, I will be trying to start out my own podcast soon focusing on the Mac geek lifestyle as seen in my technohappymeal blog some time back.

In short, think of podcasting as Tivo for your radio. Your get to listen to exactly what you’re interested in and it’s mostly free! You don’t need an iPod or a Mac to get or send out podcasts, just something equivalent to a media device and a personal computer. Podcasting is just a name that caught on and we are stuck with it… no complaints from me!