Best Blogging Device!

Duckies Everywhere...

Ducks… captured outside my apartment by a little stream. In conjunction with free photo service from, I’m finally photomoblogging with my new Danger Sidekick II!

I went from the original greyscale Danger Sidekick to this color one, and finally to this one with a built-in camera:
Color SidekickSidekick 2

If anyone is interested in buying one, you have to get it from T-mobile. Amazon currently offers the best deal for a new subscriber.

3 thoughts on “Best Blogging Device!

  1. Seriously though, are chickens yummier than ducks? Both are fairly similar… I once went for a seminar on the “semiotics of food”. It’s interesting how man attaches meaning to food and how some food are more important than others, especially when they taste yucky. Caviar, escargot, puffer fish… you know the drill. I’ll eat anything because I am free (Free your mind Neo). I wouldn’t eat a cat or dog though… they are my friends.

  2. So I can safely invite you to my house and not worry about you stealing my cats? ­čÖé I can not eat duck because I like them so much. I used to live by a duck pond and the are so much fun to watch. I don’t eat just anything because I am “picky” and it’s weird how some people place such a high value on snails (I have tried them) and frogs, etc. I would like to try to loosen up some…but I don’t know. And Semiotics of food? Seems like we can apply semiotics to anything huh?

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