In news which may have an impact on the academic world (where college grades nationwide will all drop drastically after 11/9), Bungie has finally completed their development cycle on HALO 2. Being a BIG Bungie fan since their Marathon sci-fi shooter trilogy, I appreciate how HALO has been around for the longest time, yet many friends and myself have re-played it continously even till today. Every Friday is “HALO nite” at our place which sees at least eight of us going head to head in combative multiplayer action. The right mix of great science fiction story telling with creative tactical play makes this game one for the record books. I’ve got mine on pre-order… why haven’t you?

8 thoughts on “HALO 2 is COMPLETE!

  1. > Why haven’t you?

    Because I have a highly addictive personality. And I sometimes get simulator sickness. Those too my themselves are bad; together are really nasty.

  2. Why haven’t I gotten mine? because we don’t have X-box (I know, I know) nor do we have a computer that can handle the game. Oddly enough though, my husband keeps reminding me that Halo 2 is coming out soon. He also keeps reminding me that the price of the gaming system is dropping. The catch to his hints? He wants me to play because he like to play with someone. Can I send him to your place Kevin? ­čÖé

  3. Sarah, gaming seems to be a really big thing nowadays. I was a little embarrassed to talk about my love for games to anyone at first since most people might consider me “childish”. In fact, I was brought up in a family that condoned computer games (so I would study more), thus I had to find other ways to entertain myself. As I am no longer a kid, I wonder if it’s still healthy for adults like us to play computer/console games. Hmm…

    Anyway, do come by for one of our HALO nites… we always have room for new players and would love to trade our gaming experiences. Players comes with “an offering” in the form of food, drinks or tips ($$$) just to make sure that everyone is happy and that the weekly event can be sustained (e.g. electrical bills, gaming equipment maintenance). If you use AIM, you can IM me as “dekmosphere”.

    BTW: If you come by, I can show you how an Xbox is not just for gaming. You might even want one after I demo what you can do with it! ­čśŤ

  4. HALO 2 pre-orders reach 1 million!
    Holy Cow! About one million copies of Halo 2 have been pre-ordered, the Seattle Times has reported. This pre-sale figure makes the Halo sequel the highest presale in the history of videogames.

    So far, Microsoft has sold 5 million copies of ‘Halo: combat evolved’ and with a month to go before launch of the sequel (and already having one million copies pre-ordered), the sky is the limit for Halo 2.

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