Ghost in the Shell 2 : Innocence

UPDATE: A scene by scene comparison between the original Ghost in the Shell and the Matrix!

Ghost in the Shell 2 is an amazing anime about “what makes us human”. In this world we now live in, where artificial machines are beginning to learn and adapt themselves, what is there to say that they will be less “human” than us? What would differentiate man from machine?

The artwork in this piece is breath-taking, and being a big fan of Mamoru Oshii’s work, I have to say this is going to be a monumental movie. It’s finally opening in the US theaters on Sept 17th, but will only be screening in Buffalo, NY on Oct 8, at the “Buffalo, NY Frontier Amherst 3 Buffalo”. I do not know where the hell that is, but I’m definite catching the movie. Any takers?

Some screenshots and thoughts about the movie

Click on the picture below to head to the US GITS2 web site: