Danger Sidekick II

Danger Sidekick II

I’m a big fan of the Danger Sidekick. Since it first appeared on the shelves of T-mobile, I had experienced “mobile internet” like never before. And for $15 a month for unlimited Internet access, what’s there to complain? ­čśŤ

Danger and T-Mobile recently announced the next generation of their smart phone device, the Sidekick II. Also known as the Hiptop, the newest model features a slimmer design, a VGA-quality camera, a speakerphone, and improved battery life. The Sidekick II is expected to retail for about $300 and should be out real soon.

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  1. i have one so does my girlfriend its pretty cool sending pictures to eachother and comes with its own website to manage anything pertaining to your sidekick.

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