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theorycast.48 :: Rise of the Netbooks

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Netbooks have amazingly dominated Amazon’s laptop sales charts for the past month.

Small, lightweight and relatively cheap… just what are netbooks truly about, why are they so popular and what does it mean for the future of computers?

In theorycast episode #48, we dive right into the world of netbooks, with fellow netbook hackers Preetam Rai (on his Acer Aspire One) and Ben Koe (on his ASUS Eee 901). I’ll be introducing my “mac-ified” MSI Wind.

After watching, tell us what your ideal netbook would be.

Update 1: Ben Koe shares his experience switching from Windows XP to Ubuntu on this Asus Eee.

Update 2: Tricia Wang got herself the Levono S10 and is exploring the cultural adaptation of netbooks as a lifestyle accessory. Perhaps she’s following the footsteps of Nokia’s user anthropologist Jan Chipchase.

Update 3: Two years ago, I showed how I got Mac OSX running on an 10.6″ Sony Vaio TR3A. Why weren’t 10″ or smaller notebooks back then as popular? I guess the high price point back then was a deal-breaker, compared to the cost of netbooks today.