Top 10 Reasons to Date a Speech-Language Pathologist

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At our regular Food Friday dinner yesterday, Kelvin told me about a chick who had a cool T-shirt which went something like “Top Ten Reasons to Date a Speech Therapist”. He said how he only caught a glipmse of it and missed out on the details. Thinking how funny it’d be, I googled it up on my Sidekick and within minutes, pulled this up for him via the lil lioness =^.^=

Top 10 Reasons to Date a Speech-Language Pathologist:
10. We’ll prove that doing it slow makes it smoother.
9. We can make you scream in all the right ways
8. One hour sessions are our specialty
7. We’ll teach you how to make the “OH” face
6. We know how to get your strongest muscle up
5. We know the value of frequency
4. We love intensity
3. We know how to swallow
2. It’s all about the tongue placement
1. We do it orally!

If you’re interested, check out UB’s speech-language pathology clinic!

  • numetal

    hahaha. Nice.

  • straydog

    Cool. Will sent this link to an ex-colleague who is now studying to be a speech therapist.

  • Patrick

    Great! I love it- and it’s true.

  • Kim

    I have that T-shirt, and it’s all right. so DATE A SPEECH PATHOLOGIST!

  • Morgan

    This was a welcome relief to the stresses of finals week this week to all the people in my major (SLP). Thanks!

  • Crystal

    O man. I love it. I was an undergrad at UB! I wish I did my graduate degree there too!

  • Fiona

    Ha loving that people are still coming across this in Google.