Video: 15 minutes with the MacBook Pro

For photos, check out my definitive Flickr slideshow for Macworld Expo 2006.

Watch Peter and I walkthrough the features of the MacBook Pro with an Apple representative. Note that Apple only had prototype units for the expo. In this exclusive video, watch for:
– Real-time performance of various apps
– How the breakaway magnetic power plug works
– Overview of the Mac’s ports, including Expresscard 34 slot
– How the built-in iSight works
– How the Apple Remote is Mac-assignable

You’ll also see the iLife ’06 suite in action as we run it through its paces. Watch for new features in the following apps:
– iPhoto: Calendar printing feature
– iMovie: Themes for video segments
– iDVD: Examples of 16×9 menu themes
– iWeb: How Blogging through it works
– Garageband: Videocast publishing
– Frontrow: Using the Apple Remote

We asked about heat issues and battery life as compared to the previous Powerbooks, but both of these are unconfirmed since specs were still being confirmed. Upon touching the base, it felt as warm as my 12″ Powerbook though.

Music: Morse Code on the New Forms Album by Roni Size and Reprazent. (Thanks dolphumous!)

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3. Check out my definitive photo slideshow of Macworld Expo 2006

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  • biosbill

    Shows how much he knows, the remote will actually stick to the display magnets, if you want to just place it somewhere for a bit!!

  • al

    I have experienced the MBP running VERY hot in top left corner and underneath. Almost too hot to touch, but this is when running processor and RAM intensive operations in video encoding.

    I have found that it is a lot better when used not attached to mains power