From to WordPress: How to automatically post daily links

How to: Daily posting
UPDATED: Click to enlarge screenshot of’ new layout with numbers to show where to click first

Like most A-list bloggers, I like using this little trick to ensure I get get more daily posts on my blog. Instead of simply posting every cool link I find onto my blog (which would result in a ton of daily posts), I compile all my links using and through some dark magic, have my links automatically posted on my blog every night at 10.30pm (well, almost every night). Once you learn this tip, you’ll appear to blog frequently, which is a good thing if you’re lazy like me.

Affirming this, Steve Rubel unleashed his Ten Blogging Hacks today and mentioned this as Hack #2. I personally believe that this is the most important hack of all and if you have time for only one, let it be to “Automatically Post Your Daily Links”. Of all the hacks mentioned, this takes a one time effort to setup, but benefits you on the long run by giving you an additional post everyday. Since Steve mentioned it in passing and linked to instructions for TypePad users only, I thought I’d do WordPress users the favor…

How to get links posted on your WordPress blog everyday:

  1. Sign up or Login to your account
  2. Start bookmarking and tagging favorite web pages. I recommend using the “post to” bookmarklet on this page by dragging that bookmarklet directly onto your bookmark toolbar. The “post to” button allows you to post your current page to, and allows you to enter tags and a brief description of the link.
  3. In, click Settings and look under Blogging, then click on the link that says “daily blog posting”
  4. Click “add a new thingy” and some obscure form appears
  5. Enter the following into the form, and enter your relevant details in the [boxes]
    job_name : WordPress Daily Post (or any title you want)
    out_name : [Your WordPress Username]
    out_pass : [Your WordPress Password]
    out_url : http://[Your Blog URL]/xmlrpc.php
    out_time : 4 (the GMT that you want the post to happen. 0 = 8pm EST)
    out_blog_id : 1 (might not matter to WordPress)
    out_cat_id : 1 (Regardless, it’ll probably post to the default WordPress category)
  6. Hit “Submit Query” and you’re done!
  7. Simply wait for the magical moment when you links magically appear on your blog!

From now on, simply add bookmarks to everyday and you’ll have a decent post every night. Ultimately, you’ll turn your collection of bookmarks into something visibly useful on your blog. After all, your links and your blog both probably define who you are, so you should really harness this powerful synergy.

Hat tip to mspecht from the WordPress Support Forum.

UPDATE 1: If you’re wondering why my link posts look different, it’s because I’m using a more complex way of doing this. It involves Yet Another Daily Delicious (YADD) hack for WordPress and a Cron job every night. Don’t get me started…

UPDATE 2: I haven’t forgotten about (or Blogspot) users! I’ve posted specific instructions for you in the comments. Try it and let us know if you’re successful.

UPDATE 3: Now featured on under Habit Seven of The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Users