Blogday2005: Another bloodsucking meme…

Blogging can be a bloodsucking experience… take this Blogday meme for example… so silly, yet I also join in! As seen on Elia Diodati’s blog, e pur si muove (or “who moved my purse?”), it’s BlogDay today! Hooray, another reason to go blind staring at my small laptop screen! So here’s my “Theoretical” Top Five Bloggers I’m recommending for various devious reasons…

Penny in a Nutshell : An awesome cook… see her blog to believe! A Singaporean currently living in New York who works as a graphic designer, and loves fashion, cooking, and travelling. Lots of pictures of yummy things…

MisGuidedSoul : She’s an interesting Singaporean soul living somewhere far away in Buffalo, NY. Join her on her photographic adventures around the America and give her a holla so she knows she’s not that misguided!!

Naddie : I don’t know why she finds my blog interesting enough to be a regular commenter. I owe her an oversized Apple T-shirt so here’s one back to you for the mean time… you weirdo. Nadine, Singapore, young, weird, pierced, not-girly, dineitified, paranoid, loner, writer, poetess, basketballer, runner & designer.

DrunkenPanda : A fan of my blog (Hey, everyone’s entitled to one)… a blogger who documents her real life. rubez is Singapore Polytechnic student who likes music, anime, m&m’s but hates narrow-mindedness, arrogance. Whew, luckily I’m open-minded otherwise I cannot make it.

Did Mister Wang Say So? (The Blog Previously known as Commentary Singapore) : More interesting than, more insightful than most Today columnists, I present to you The Great Mr Wang. Saviour for our people, the true citizen journalist. Read and be enlightened…

  • Rubez

    Wah, feel so honoured to be on your Top Five reccommended bloggers on this special day – BlogDay! I would comment more, but I don’t know anything about computers and gadgets which you have been mostly blogging about this week.Thanks for trying to cheer me up!

  • Kevin

    Well Rubez, just find your calling. For me it’s blogging about all things relating to people and new technology. You can blog about food like Penny, or photography like MisGuidedSoul. The point is that while we can blog about our personal lives, it’s definitely more powerful if you can be an expert at something and blog about it so others can learn a thing or two. :)

  • Rubez

    Hmm, I’ll try that! Maybe one day my blog would be useful to someone just as I found other blogs like yours useful to me! :)

  • Kevin

    You will… keeping it real! Peace! :D

  • Wang Zhen

    Waaaaah! Such high praise for Mr Wang, paiseh, man. :)

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    Thanks for sharing these blogs about Singaporeans. It's a pity that some of the links are not working.