theorycast.58 :: Kevin’s Graduation Party @ TLC

Kevin's Graduation Party @ TLC

My colleagues at the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) threw me an awesome graduation party. Big thanks to @RobinSullivan and Becky for making it happen, and for my friends at the University at Buffalo for coming by, including @ssperson @sunrisesomeday @bschu1022 @jhsu @ChrisVanPatten and @denidzo.

  • litford

    Dr Kevin Lim, heartfelt congratulations! I'm so happy for you that you achieved what you set out to do, and that your blood, sweat and tears have been duly rewarded -))

    And I can definitely feel the joy emanating from this video -))

    on a side note, do all professors carry a blade with them? Not to open champagne bottles.. but self defense..? hahaha

    Enjoy more of your celebrations -))

  • rodxroll

    good to see happy faces !!!

  • Ivan Chew

    WOOT! Good for you Kevin. And don't worry, we'll still treat you like a regular guy. :P

  • Walter Lim

    Awww…. looked so sweet and nice and celebratory! We are all happy to have you our down to Earth dude, friend and buddy as a newest member of the academic fraternity.

    We should certainly have a good celebration when we all get back to Singapore and have a reunion party for the media socialists! :)

  • Kevin Lim

    Thanks Pa, Litford, Ivan and Walter! You guys are awesome :D