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In this episode of theorycast, I chat with Zivity model MixieMoxie to learn from her experience participating in this alternative social network. I also aim to understand the user motivations and economics behind Zivity, as well as their earlier competitor,

In essence, is pretty darn refreshing; they take the alternative softcore subculture (i.e. NSFW), mix in eBay-like crowdsourcing, and pay royalty to their contributors, namely models and photographers.

Zivity subscribers pay $10 a month, and every vote they cast on their favorite models / photographers, is worth $1. Instead of a flat royalty fee, it works out to be a recurring amount. Eighty percent of the proceeds then goes back to these sexy contributors.

Several high profile venture capitalists seem to believe in Zivity’s business model so much, that they’ve invested a second round funding of $7m. Founded by Scott Banister and his wife Cyan, the story behind Zivity is equally inspirational. To see life behind the scenes at Zivity, check out this short documentary (nsfw).

Bonus Contest: As a treat for theorycast viewers, I have three exclusive invites to Just drop a comment on how successful you think will be. I’ll award the best responses by this Sat, 11pm EST. Please note that since Zivity features nudity, invites will only be given to folks who are over 21.

  • barbee cain

    awesome interview!
    barbee (the photog)

  • June

    Thanks for explaining the difference between SuicideGirls and Zivity business models and profit schemes for models and photographers.

  • Diggz

    Great interview! Having played with Zivity for about a month now, I’ve enjoyed the site. I like the fact that the models get paid based on votes, and you get free votes every month with your membership. It’s still in beta right now, so you can sign up for free. I voted for Mixie Moxie!

  • Kevin

    Barbee: Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your great photography!

    June: You’re welcomed.

    Diggz: Cool bean :)

  • barbee cain

    Thank you Kevin for repping mah girl :)

  • rei

    hi kevin…im inviting you to promote you blog in new social blog directory, please visit, cheers

  • Ian Timothy
  • Kevin

    Ian: *raises eyebrows* Heh! Would you like a Zivity invite?

  • Ian Timothy

    shhh…wink wink… shhh….