Internet for Porn, Twitter for Beer

Internet for Porn, Twitter for Beer
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Previously, we grew up on TV. Today, we grow up on the Internet. Here I am learning to be a man, via Twitter. So I started with this last night…

“I’m trying to develop a taste for beer, so I bought a 6-pack of Heineken. Yuck.”

I don’t drink, because I never liked the taste of alcohol. However, I do see the social significance of drinking, so I’m willing to partake. Friends on twitter stepped in to give their two-cents but due to twitter’s bipolar disorder, I wasn’t able to see everyone’s replies until now. Here are last night’s Twitter takeaways for Beer 101 (beginner level)…

Feel free to edit this simple beer list

Of all the drinks on this list, I’m most intrigued with @PrissyHan’s suggestion of Whisky with Iced Green Tea, though that doesn’t technically count as beer, more like a cocktail instead. I’ve learned that it’s SRLY popular in China, placing the Chinese in the top ten scotch consumers for the first time, according to the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA).

On the other hand, @WeeKee’s suggestion of Guinness with Korean Ginseng sounds vile just from the thought of it!

In non-organic associations to beer, @ChristyDena recommends seeing “Beer over IP“, while @TwistedIan shares beer quotes he’s collected.

Coastr + Drinks With Chunks

I might document my drinking efforts from here on, and perhaps invite “late-bloomers” out there (Yes @JosephineChang) to join a newly formed self-help AA (Alcoholics Amateurs) group. If anything, there’s Coastr: The social guide to beer. The rating system developed by the highly underrated Drinks with Chunks is noteworthy too (though I don’t think beer is suppose to have chunky bits inside no?).

Word up to the friends for helping me through this exceptionally arduous task of developing a drinking habit. Folks responsible for this achievement but not mentioned above include @uniquefrequency, @JerrickLim, @LitFord, @StanHuang, @MicaMonkey, @BenKoe, @JHsiao, @Halavais, @NTT, and of course, the complicated @tinkertailor.

  • Jerrick

    Whiskey and Green tea NOT a good starter drink! i was slamming vodka redbull (the austrian kind) and felt ok. Until i took 1 whiskey green tea… WHEE!!! Definitely has some kick.

    Jerricks last blog post..My Grandfather

  • Daryl Tay
  • Beer Answer Guy

    Another suggestion is to go for something that is refreshing on a hot summer day. I would suggest something like a hefeweizen with a twist of lemon (sure beats a corona any day!).

    Not sure if anyone “likes” beer when they first try it. Its much like coffee I guess… an acquired taste.

    Let us know which beers you end up liking… very interested to see your progress.

    Beer Answer Guys last blog post..What is a Kolschbier (Kolsch)?