“Happy-Sad- then Hopeful” deal about Apple’s 3G iPhones… (plus Singtel’s estimated iPhone rates)

The Deal-leo with the 3G iPhone

So you’re getting the 3G iPhone come July 11th…
1) You’d be happy to know it’ll cost you just $199…

2) Until you realized that AT&T now charges regular data plan rates. There’s no longer any special iPhone treatment, so unlimited data costs $10 more per month (or $240 more for life of contract). No unlocking. That news makes you sad.

3) A glimmer of hope appears as you spot the following statement: “AT&T has stated that if you already have a plan with AT&T for your first generation iPhone, you can keep paying the $20/mo for the new 3G service, whereas newcomers will have to pay the full $30/mo for 3G data”. Sounds fine until my friend Peter listened carefully to the actual conference call and found NO MENTION of the above. Either way, You have stepped up to being subtly hopeful.

Bottomline: it’s still a possible win for existing iPhone users to upgrade to 3G + GPS.

Comparing iPhone plans from AT&T & Singtel
Click here to enlarge comparison chart… (Singtel charges are guesstimated)

Out of curiosity, I did some calculations as to what Singapore’s 3G iPhone plan would work out to. AT&T’s 1st generation (EDGE) iPhone basic plan offered 450min of voice, 200 SMS messages and unlimited data for $59.99 per month. An equivalent 3G iPhone plan pieced together would cost $74.99 per month. In Singapore, the closest plan on Singtel would lead to 300mins of voice and 500 SMS messages for S$48.15, with unlimited 3G data for S$69.30. This totals to a whopping S$117.45, or US$85.92. Here’s hoping Singtel offers a special rate for 3G iPhone users.

Update: This leaked AT&T internal memo reveals their 3G iPhone policy. Still no mention of whether 2G iPhone users can upgrade to the 3G iPhone, yet keep their cheaper plans.

  • http://www.iheartapple.org jim

    for a moment when i saw your table, i thought you had some special connection to get the rates from Singtel…the singtel header should be alil clearer as its a guestimated rate :)

  • http://shionsosei.blogspot.com Shion

    I wonder wats the pricing of the iPhone from Singtel … $199US is just CHEAP !

    Shions last blog post..Ministry – Cover Up

  • http://ian.onthereddot.com Ian Timothy

    hahaha..your own 3 stages of listening to a Steve Jobs’ announcement.
    Kubler-Ross would be proud. :-)

  • http://alex.halavais.net Alex H.

    No querty = no iPhone.

    Alex H.s last blog post..Odawara City Survival Guide

  • http://theory.isthereason.com Kevin

    I’d want QWERTY keyboards too, but for non-Roman character languages, the new “graffiti” multi-language support is awesome. You can write in simple or traditional Chinese characters, Kanji too. Perhaps it’ll sell really well in those countries.

    If only the iPhone supported bluetooth keyboards.

  • http://theory.isthereason.com Kevin

    Jim: I’ll edit to clear that up. Thanks!

    Shion: US$199 is the maximum cap Apple will allow carriers like Singtel to charge for the 3G iPhone itself. However, if you calculate the price plan to fully enjoy the phone, it works out to quite a bit as shown in my chart. I’m hoping Singtel will offer a special plan for iPhone users.

    Ian: Thanks for introducing me the Kübler-Ross model. As ripped from Wikipedia, it describes the five discrete stages in dealing with grief and tragedy, especially when diagnosed with a terminal illness. The model was introduced by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying”. The stages are known as the “Five Stages of Grief”. How appropriate! :D

  • http://www.michigan-experience.com Ted

    Why is the new 3G iPhone unable to unlock? Does it no longer have a SIM card slot? Thanks!

  • http://theory.isthereason.com Kevin

    Ted, it’s GSM so it has a SIM slot. However, both Apple and AT&T (as well as your carrier) will not likely allow you to buy it without activating with a contract. Furthermore, without the ability to activate over iTunes, it will be more challenging for hackers to unlock it unless they learn how the carriers activate it on their end.

  • weekee

    I know iPhone is cool, great, nice UI, whatever. Ultimately it is just a phone (ok plus lots of nice stuff). So lets take it easy. :)

    but oh i forgot..it is from Apple.

    correct me if i am not wrong, iPhone for Singapore is plan for only at the 3rd quarter of 2008.

  • http://www.zhouwenhan.com Wenhan

    i wished Singtel announced their decision soon. I am in the US and I am stuck with the choice of buying it here or buying it when I get back. Shuck! i need the iPhonef or my FYP.

  • Jack

    >i wished Singtel announced their decision soon. I am in the US and > I am stuck with the choice of buying it here or buying it when I >get back. Shuck! i need the iPhonef or my FYP.

    Duh!! Of course you should get it in the US whenever possible. Money grubbing boneheads like Singtel will definitely charge an arm and a leg for an Iphone despite what Apple says.

    FYI, the latest news is that Optus Australia (owned by Singtel)will be charging about A$900 for the Iphone and it is approved by Apple. Since when is US$299 equal to A$900? So puhleese if you get a chance just buy it in the USA.