Here’s my damn Seemic profile video… now join or else!

My Seesmic Profile Video
…what are you waiting for?

I’ve been lurking, but I decided to cave in and start contributing after watching Howard Rheingold‘s awesome Seesmic norms video project (via Christy Dena).

Watch my damn Seesmic video profile here, then join Seesmic if you haven’t and lets be friends.

What’s Seesmic?
Think of it as twitter, but we use video instead of text.

  • John Larkin


    Read about it a while ago but had done nothing about it. I have been waiting lately before jumping in with new tools.

    Then Sarah Teo at U21Global mentioned how they had been using it and then Kevin, your post made me search through my emails for the invitation code and join.

    Cheers, John.

    John Larkin’s last blog post..Bullying then…

  • alper

    so, you say “if you wanna go, let me know, i’ll bring you there”
    i’m ready to be taken master :)

    alper’s last blog post..links for 2008-05-18

  • alper

    uh, i got it done. no need for an invitation. thanks for getting my attention on this awesome web service though :)

    alper’s last blog post..links for 2008-05-18

  • whitscott

    Kevin, good to see you posting on seesmic, hope you had a good time and we look forward to seeing you around more.