Why porn video games don’t work: The Uncanny Valley

I always get a kick when mainstream media (read: television shows) try their hand at talking theory. This time, Fleshbot (NSFW) pulls through with this golden nugget:

As readers of this site know all too well, there have been many, many, many attempts to meld interactive video games with hardcore porn, and despite the occasional interesting result it’s been pretty much a total failure. Why is this such an impossible task?

Writer Dashiell Bennett points out the above 30 Rock clip which tries to explain why porn video games don’t work using the Uncanny Valley theory. It’s funny, and quite succinct. If you’d like to know more, here’s a comprehensive video lecture by Karl F. MacDorman from the Indiana University School of Informatics.

BTW Trey, actually there is a “video game” that lets you get weird with each other for gold and points. It’s not realistic enough to face the problem of the uncanny valley, but it’s good enough for most.

  • http://gssq.blogspot.com/ Agagooga

    Gah I hate videos. Why can’t people stick to text?

  • http://shadyproject.net Shady

    Pretty funny and very apt video. However, there is a way to avoid the uncanny valley entirely: animation. Not the creepy life like CG stuff but something that has been used in H-Games for a long time: anime style hentai animation. you can avoid the uncanny valley and still have porn video games. Look at the (admittedly not so large in the US) market for H-Games. They strike a balance between ‘lifelike’ porn and creepiness.

    And if my reputation as a perv hasn’t already been cemented, this post right here will probably do the trick.

  • http://bonetown.com Thaa Bastard

    There is one that does definitely works and its called BONETOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now tell me that porn and video games don’t work f**k the uncanny valley!