Flickr video? Yeah, you’ve got 90 seconds to comply…

Yay my first Flickr video! Make and upload one using Photobooth and tag it as: flickrvideobooth

We’ve come a long way from wacky animated gifs. Word just got out, and Flickr’s showing the goods. We have video.

Isn’t Youtube enough?
No. Read on.

What’s this I hear about a time limit of 90 seconds?
From their Flickr Help page, they explain that… “video on Flickr grew out of the idea of “long photos” and as such, [they’ve] implemented what might seem like an arbitrary limit of playing back the first 90 seconds of a video.”

Yup they’re trying something new:
90 seconds = the new black

Erm okay… but is there anything special about Flickr videos?
Hang on to your hats! While they’ve got the video player clean and tight (reminds me a bit of Vimeo), it also appears to be arbitrarily-scalable. I mean to say that if you watch some of the videos shown on Flickr’s video blog post, some come in odd sizes, for instance portrait mode. I noticed that even embedding videos to blogs is a breeze; I simply enter the width and it scales the height automatically for me. A time-saver where my videos tend to be 500 pixels wide to fit my blog.

If you think about it, Flickr’s really treating videos like images, allowing you to paste them and shape them as you’ve done so with your photos (i.e. malleable). A simple but clever trait that helps make Flickr videos unique.

What should I do for my first Flickr video?
Well, if you watched that clip of mine above, you can make one too using Photobooth on your Mac. If you didn’t know (I know you did), Photobooth actually lets you record video as well, so you can have tons of fun playing with those live backdrops (mine’s the rollercoaster). Heck if you make one using Photobooth, and upload it to Flickr, go ahead and tag them as: flickrvideobooth

Spread the word. Hopefully “flickrvideobooth” will catch on. Then it’ll be only second to the “fridgets” meme, which is like meh. ;)

Update: Remember, since you can treat Flickr videos almost like images, you can do create video pools as well. Nicer than most video collection services out there, provided more folks adopt Flickr as their video playground.

  • Kevin

    Oh yeah, I just realized I was riding the roller-coaster BACKWARDS. Not a good idea.

  • nuMentally

    you forgot ur seatbelt

  • monkey

    well it is “what not to do” after all :) i’ve uploaded a first test video on flickr too but sorry no photobooth :p

    monkey’s last blog post..Away for the crunch

  • brian

    what gel do you use? it’s obviously very effective!

    brian’s last blog post..Social Media. Now with more *SOCIAL!!!*

  • Kevin

    @nuMentally: The seatbelt didn’t work for me. I was sitting backwards.

    @monkey: Will watch for it. Better be funny!

    @brian: That’s a good question actually. I couldn’t find this particular hair product in Singapore, so I better buy boatloads if I ever travel home. It’s by Joico and it’s called ICE Spiker Water-Resistant Styling Glue.

  • monkey

    eh… i didn’t say i’ll participate in your meme… *twiddle thumb* but ok lol wait till i get to office on my photobooth… and no i didn’t know can do video on photobooth…

    monkey’s last blog post..Away for the crunch

  • monkey

    ok this is uber bad…. your meme is extreme user-unfriendly. photobooth with video only exist for LEOPARD users. I am still on OSX, not leopard so my photobooth is only version 1.2 as opposed to the leopard version which is 2.0.1

    i feel excluded :|

    monkey’s last blog post..Away for the crunch

  • Elia Diodati

    For some reason, the feed on Google Reader says ‘video no longer available’, but it’s fine on the site. Weird.

    Elia Diodati’s last blog post..Horses for courses

  • Alex H.

    Yep, was working this morning, but not any more. I guess Flickr is not down with the major aggregators…

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  • jiayi

    cracked me up, kev! hahahaha