Today’s Links: Inspector Gadgets, Freakonomists, and Socio-Politicians

Reuter's Got Mojo (that's mobile journalism)

For Inspector Gadgets

For Freakonomists

For Lifehackers

For Social Media Pragmatists

For Cyberculturists

For Socio-Politicians

We heart China

  • Ivan Chew

    Kevin, is it just me or do I spot a tummy developing on ya? lol

  • Kevin

    Yes, and my tummy says hello! ;)

  • brian

    Kevin! OMIGOSH! you must receive a TONNE of information everyday.. i only pray the stuff we recommend is worth your while -) but thanks for talking about 14 days! hope you’ll find our future episodes more appealing with less -insert expletive- out-there ideas -) hahaha, but yes, brit-asian hosts are a rather compelling feature for a convergent device.. *grin*

    – i’m thinking, you might be a more suitable ambassador for the new range of N95s then a pan-asian daredevil model for tech purists, or am i wrong? *grin*

  • brian

    nice work with putting your own picture on a stock photo of an N95 though.. *heh*

  • Kevin

    Brian: A subtle way of me saying that I want one ;). Too bad my e61 has no camera, otherwise I’d be using to do ad-hoc live shows.

  • brian

    but but.. you can use as recommended by Su Yuen… have you heard of it? it’s a service that syncs to your Nokia phone and relays a live stream straight to their servers.. i havent tried it out yet, cuz i don’t have a Nokia either.. haha