Photos: 1st Anniversary Party (plus blog awards) 1st Anniversary Party and Blog Awards
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Here are photos from last night’s 1st Anniversary Party & Blog Awards. It was fun to see familiar faces (yet again!), as well as to see the other zany members. If you want to know who the blog award winners were…

Most Interactive Blog, Most Controversial Post, Most Entertaining Post, and Post of the Year
EastCoastLife (who bagged all four awards)

Most Entertaining Blog
ChillyCraps (is really funny guy IRL)

Most Insightful Blog
Cobalt Paladin (whose acceptance speech video was a riot!)

Best Photo Blog
Keropok Man (prefers anonymity, so I won’t publish his photo)

Best Citizen Journalism Post and Most Insightful Post
dk99 (promised HDB lift upgrades to voters. Funnie!)

Best Blog Design and Blog of the Year
Veron (and she said you don’t need pretty castles)

You can also watch a pre-recorded video stream of the event on Since it’s been around for a year, I’ll be sharing an overview of existence in the local ecology of blogs in my next blog post. :)

Update: Sheylara has an insanely comprehensive report of the party.

  • Sicarii

    Sweet as!

    Some photos of the event finally, and you take pretty good shots too.

    Thanks for sharing, mate.

  • Paddy Tan

    Thanks for the photos! :)


  • Jayson Ang

    Hey Kevin,
    Nice picture gallery.
    What plugin is this? very cool widget.

  • py

    Thank you for the photos. Looks like it was a success! Cheers to organisers.

  • Kevin

    Thanks guys. Just contributing my part by documenting the event. I felt that it was a success… there were plenty of young bloggers who showed up (yes, I’m getting old).

  • Veron

    Awww… Kevin. I was so totally rooting for you to win the “Most Interactive Blog” and “Best Citizen Journalism Post”. The votes weren’t in your favor. But to me, you won.

  • Kevin

    @Veron: Thanks, but I never expected to be nominated because I’m not really part of the community (more like a silent member).

  • chillycraps

    hey kevin~ nice to meet you in person!

    (and you missed out the fun when DK was trying to imitate you with his conventional webcam on his shoulder)

  • Kevin

    @chillycraps: Awwwweee, no photos? :P

  • chillycraps

    sadly, no photo =S

    and he was connecting the usb to his forehead =P

  • walter

    Nice photos and it looked like a fun event…. I noticed though that Kevin is errmmm…. quite the babe magnet? ;-)

  • Kevin

    @chillycraps: That’s funnie. The human’s usb port is the belly button.

    @Walter: I wish. :)

  • Daphne

    i finally got down to reading all the posts on ping party (thanks to sheylara’s “insanely comprehensive report”) hehe. :)

    i voted for u too, leh. hope to see u soon again :) u have gadgets that i want to play with haha! u r a very interesting person! :D

  • Kevin

    @Daphne: Thanks for finding me interesting…. I guess. :P