Idea: TwitterStory where everyone contributes…

Internet Dating story @ PageOne
A book I found at PageOne which has nothing to do with this post, except for the little pixel folks representing us.

Back in April, I set forth a literary game friends could play via Twitter. It was pretty spontaneous and intuitive, though a more concerted approach might have made this into an epic meme.

It’s stuff like these which tosses aside the ludology / narratolgy debate about the relative importance of gameplay versus plot, since users create both as they go along. It’s not that different from role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons.

Is this how a free-flowing crowdsourced story looks like? I’m brainopera and this was how it went down…

brainopera RulesForTwitterGame: I’ll start a funny story. Each of you @ me with your continuation of it. Hilariousness results. Ready? Set? Go!

brainopera Vanessa was sitting by the Singapore river, contemplating about her life and her broken keyboard when a familiar ringing sound was heard…

conniereece @brainopera Vanessa grabbed her cell phone and noted with dismay that the screen showed the number of her ex-boyfriend. Ex as of yesterday.

ridz84 @brainopera: she thought it was her phone…it didn’t take long to remember that it was the terminal ring-o-citis she was diagnosed with…

vantan @brainopera It was Vanessa’s imaginary iPhone, which she plans to buy in 2008. She tapped her Bluetooth headset. The music faded out…

brainopera …and in came a video on Vanessa’s imaginary iPhone. Steve Jobs had just sent her unreleased imaged of the supposed WiFi iPod. What’s next?

vantan @brainopera …Oh, the humanity! Not only a video of Wifi iPod but also Steve was filming it while naked in the bathroom.

How would you have continued this? Join in by:
1. Adding TwitterStory as a friend
2. Reading what’s posted so far in TwitterStory
3. Contributing your part to the quirky storyline

Just in today: And so the story never ends…
jyew @brainopera … as Steve was slowly panning across the contours of his alabaster skin, Vanessa was jolted out of her reverie by a loud bang

  • nuMetal

    Holy crap! I see a Passive Aggressive use for it! Would be fun if one of you were a Queen Bee.

  • Alex H.

    And who said the exquisite corpse was dead?

  • Kevin

    @Alex: Thanks for providing insight. Now we know this idea has taken various other forms before. See the Exquisite Corpse on Wikipedia.

  • Veron

    Wow, that’s hawt.

  • Yohannes Wijaya

    ingenious idea, Kevin!!