iQuiz: Create and share quizzes for Video iPods

iQuiz: Create quizes for video iPods

I just came back from an awesome evening with the Singapore Mac user group @ Geek Terminal (official launch in May). Been celebrating too much after my teaching stint ended. While I procrastinate blogging everything on my mental inbox, here’s a quickie from my online ethnographer and educator buddy, Preetam Rai.

He gives us an illustrated step-by-step process of how he creates quizzes for the Video iPod using iQuiz, the latest iPod game which costs only US$0.99. Pretty neat if you have enough students using iPods. It’d be neater if it worked on Nanos too, but I guess you can’t read the type then. And I only have a Shuffle.

BTW: Jesse Perry was enterprising enough to setup, where creators can post their user-generated quizzes.

  • deelirium

    This looks fantastic. I don’t understand why it can’t be played on nanos, though.

  • Preetam Rai

    Hi deelirium.. none of the ipod games play on the nano. Maybe its because nano just does not have enough horsepower or as Kevin mentions the screen size is too small to display the games well.

    Thanks for the link Kevin,


    Its a pity that iQuiz can only play on 5th generation iPods. However, I must say, it is a dang good game!

  • Xtreminator

    It’s nice. However, where can I download the actual game. I think it is 16 MB or moew