Photos: The Making of COM125 Music & Blog Awards…

The Making of COM125 Awards

For anyone interested, you can now see the neat little trophies and medals I gave out at the recent COM125 music and blog awards. These were specially designed and shipped all the way from China! See where they came from (really), how I painstakingly handwrote on them, and finally the many happy faces of award winners in class.

The “making of” slideshow is right over here…

  • Wong Renhao

    Gee. They look so big here. Lol.

  • kisekino

    hey where did u buy those trophies and medals? they are so cute! thinking of getting them for my students too! :)

  • zhi

    Le petit crusine!! haha who made the mistake of ordering the tiny tiny sirloin steak?

  • Kevin

    @Renhao: Yeah they do!

    @kisekino: Got them from a chain of stores called Party City. Not a cheap place, but you’ll find what you need.

    @zhi: It’s delicious slivers of lamb, not steak. Melts in your mouth. :)