E27 Unconference: “Web 2.0 in Asia by Preetam Rai” (session 4)

E27 SG IV Unconference @ SMU
Track 1, Session 4 : 9.15pm to 9.45pm
“Web 2.0 Review and Social Sites in Japan, China and Korea” by Preetam Rai

Fourth and last up, Preetam Rai shares his passion as an online ethnographer by presenting his session entitled “Web 2.0 Review and Social Sites in Japan, China and Korea”. He covers the popular social media sites in each Asian country and shows how web services tend to be culturally-specific. Finally, he discusses what it might take to build such services elsewhere, or even one that works internationally. To me, this is by far the most interesting session in the first track of the E27 Unconference since everyone walks away learning something new. His presentation was about sharing experiences as well as links, and we all know that links are still the currency of the web. :)

Aside: The links mentioned in Preetam’s presentation are now available on his blog…