SIM commercial: Info-visual porn styling…

Recently, my visionary professor Alex Halavais mentioned how he loved info-visual porn… stuff like maps, signs and so on where complex information is represented extraordinarily well in a clever aesthetic manner.

Note too long ago, EbOY, a group of four designers from Berlin did a pixel-by-pixel rendition of the Web 2.0 scene which obviously caught on pretty well in the blogosphere. The group essentially creates re-usable pixel objects and takes them to build complex and extensible artwork.

Now here’s the kicker…
At SIM where I currently teach, I spotted a series of eBoy-like posters throughout campus (sorry, didn’t have my camera!). At first, I thought it was a blatant ripoff of the group’s work, but I soon realized that it was actually part of a major marketing campaign by the advertising agency M&C Saatchi, Singapore. eBoy also acknowledged being hired for this production which extended from eBoy-styled posters, launch web site as well as the television commercial you see above. Must have been pretty expensive…

Aside: If you’re obsessed about these visual-information forms, do check out Edward Tufte, who is really huge in this field. He’s has written seven books, including Visual Explanations, Envisioning Information, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, and Data Analysis for Politics and Policy.

  • straydog

    Dude, this is by far the lamest eBoy-liked ad I have seen.

    1. Comparing SIM with Einstein? Please!!!
    2. Getting your paper qualification the easy way. Mentality is so typically local.

  • Kevin

    Straydog: Hahahaa, to each his own… a little too far fetch yeah? Then again, it’s a commercial. :P

  • Wong Renhao

    We, meaning the SIM/UB Student Council, were actually talking to people from Change Management. They did have some big goals and plans for this campaign… shirts which they claimed were worth $200 on eBay… an online game which nobody played (I think), and other things which were not so eBoy related like having a radio station do an Amazing Race-type game on campus. And indeed it looks like the campaign had the desired effect.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for sharing Renhao. BTW, I’ve noticed that you’ve commented on almost every student blog in our huge class. I should give you an award for “most social blogger”. :)

  • Jason

    I heard that eBoy were originally inspired by a Russian artist (i forget his name) who used soviet surealism art to obliquely critique Brezhnev.