Today’s Links: WikiLeaks, Stanford Prison Experiment, and more…

WikiLeaks: anonymous whistle-blowing was down when I blogged about it. Click to see a bigger screenshot I had taken earlier. You can also read more here…

  • Lisa

    Hello Kevin, where are you? Busy teaching maybe, hope you are posting again soon.

  • Kevin

    Hello Lisa, thanks for asking. I’m busy as you’ve noticed. Grading weekly blog posts from 76 undergrads and dropping individual comments (like how to fix your APA citations) does take a lot of time. It’s been an interesting experience teaching in Singapore, let alone teaching with blogs. I hope to blog a story about it, and introduce everyone to some of the interesting students we have over here.

  • Walter

    Kevin, yet another tour de force of the social media world which shows how well you understand this new phenomenon! For myself, I blog more about marketing, PR, advertising and Word Of Mouth related matters.

    BTW, I have just added you on my blogroll (you are already on my news reader) and would be delighted if you can link me. My blog would definitely benefit from your truckloads of ardent followers!