Those damn Playstation 3 mobs: Who’s to blame?

PS3 line @ Target

Thanks to the incredible photographic talent of my co-pilot (joking!), we got a shot of the Sony Playstation 3 line outside our local Target store. You might not be able to tell much from it, but unlike the other cities, Buffalo’s PS3 mob was rather peaceful, if not tamed by comparison.

Perusing Technorati for real-time citizen reports on the PS3 situation, I’ve seen all kinds of nastiness happening… from lines being robbed at gun point, to being pletted by BB pellets (hitting a TV news reporter as well), to a riot with cops tossing people away from the store, and even a young staffer name-dropping Senator Edwards just to get one at Walmart!

Corey Clayton, an online journalist for the Lancaster New Era, has been keeping a crime watch relating to the PS3 lines across the nation on his blog called Hard Drive Life. With eBay auctions for PS3 going as high as $10,000 (higher ones mostly bogus / revenge-motivated), you can see why so many people are clamoring for one.

Yet I don’t know who to blame for all this madness…
The mobs of people for exhibiting the worst kinds of behavior due to greed?
Or Sony for bad planning resulting in limited supplies for an exhorbitant game console, creating marketing hype and overblown demand?

For the entire North America, Sony confirmed 400,000 PS3s for the US launch. If you think that’s retarded, guess how many countries like Taiwan will be getting… five hundred (Thanks Peter!).

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