Meet Ms. Dewey: The funniest search engine ever…

Ms. Dewey

She might not be the fastest or the most practical help you’ll get when searching the web, but she sure knows how to keep you entertained while you’re waiting: Meet Ms. Dewey…

UPDATE: Looks like Ms. Dewey is made by Microsoft. Can you guess why?

  • gecko

    It is rather amusing at first… but then it gets tiresome after a while when you get pass the schtick factor and actually get frus by the search UI.

  • M-H

    I found her irritating (especially the tapping on the screen and “hullo-ing” while I was investigating the results of my search) and all that sexy posturing. Worst of all, she turns up nothing at all for my fairly uncommon name (google gives 366 results). As it’s all about me she’s clearly crap. :) Thanks for the laugh!

  • Kevin

    Blame Microsoft. They made her out for part of the Microsoft experiment. :P

  • Brennan

    Type ‘forensic’. That’s the interesting easter egg!

  • Michael

    She is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! but the search results are not. Looks like a way to force marketing. All I get is a bunch of ads for junk.