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The Social Cyborg @ BlinkBL-NK: From perfect memory to networked consciousness

Social Cyborg @ BlinkBl-nk #5

Rushing over from work, I made my way down to Blu Jazz where BlinkBL-NK was at it’s fifth installment. Having been to earlier speaker sessions in the past two months, I liked the diversity in speakers and the easy-going atmosphere.

This time it was my turn to hit the stage, so I thought I’d don the Social Cyborg outfit one final time. Putting on that wearable sensory rig was strangely nostalgic. Continue reading ‘The Social Cyborg @ BlinkBL-NK: From perfect memory to networked consciousness’

In High Definition: Singapore’s Night Festival – New World 2010

Night Festival - New World 2010 (Singapore)

Friday evening after work, I grabbed a quick dinner then headed to the museum district to check out the Night Festival: New World 2010. Just me and my Sony NEX-5, absorbing the electrifying experiencing of the numerous unique performances downtown.

While there were several fringe art activities, I spent most of my time checking out the swinging taxi-girls (yes, they were yummy!), the World’s Slowest SMS Billboard at the Singapore Art Museum, as well as the epic Parabole 2.0 at the National Museum of Singapore.

Night Festival - New World 2010 (Singapore)
See the entire taxi-girls photo set…

What struck me was how forwardly participatory some of these acts were, from dancing with the taxi-girls and taxi-boys as a way to learn about our past and have fun, the ability to SMS a personal love-note @ SAM, to how the epic Paths of Time theatrical production took two separate stages with actors/actresses having to cross through the audience. This turns the audience into a subtle backdrop or even into fellow performers.

Night Festival - New World 2010 (Singapore)

There was simply too much to see in one night, and I’m glad I didn’t travel much because some of the shows, such as the Abusement Park @ SAM, had pretty long lines. I prefer not to get overwhelmed by picking favorites, but for some, the organizers could have perhaps provided a way for the public to create their own itinerary online (as my colleague Regina suggested).

Night Festival - New World 2010 (Singapore)
See the Night Festival 2010 photo set…

Read on to watch the high-definition videos of some of these amazing performances…

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So… how’s work?

Ever since returning to Singapore, this seemingly innocuous question I’m often asked is probably best answered by the late (and eternally great) Rodney Dangerfield.

While the job ended up being quite different from what I had originally signed up for, I’ve been trying to convince myself to learn beyond my talent and passion. What did take me by surprise after over a month into the job though, are the few colleagues who are clearly giving me the cold shoulder for some strange reason. I must have been lucky to have worked under cozier and less sterile circumstances.

Fortunately, most of the folks I’m working with are friendly and talented in their own right. Logically speaking, I should proportion my concerns accordingly. The funny thing about being human though, is that you could have a hundred friends cheering you on, but just a handful who dislike you in order to turn your mood down.

Whichever the case, I’ll try, and try harder. It’s an opportunity for me to earn their respect.