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I’m waiting for the “Ultra-thin 12 inch Mac Book Pro”

paw powerbookThis is something I’ve been rubbing my paws together for, though I’ve the sinking feeling it’s got something to do with the 1st of this coming month…

According to MacOSXRumors, there’s word about an “Ultra-thin 12 inch Mac Book Pro” on the way.

Since the release of the 15 inch MacBook Pro in January, speculation on the forthcoming Apple laptops is spreading throughout the net. Meanwhile, MacosXrumors received a very unexpected report, providing information about one of the forthcoming MacBook Pros.

The sources that can be qualified as “very reliable”, are claiming that Apple plans to keep the same display size for its entry level Mac Book Pro by releasing what sources called an “ultra-thin 12 inch Mac Book Pro”.

Neither release timeframe nor technical specifications were provided by the sources but we may expect this new Mac Book Pro to arrive late in the second quarter of this year. As for the technical specs, we prefer not to speculate on them so as to keep this report as factual as possible.

The current 12 inch Powerbook G4 is 1.18 inch thick while the PowerBook G4 17 inch and the Mac Book Pro are 1 inch thick. We can expect the 12 inch Mac Book Pro to get at least as thin as the rest of the line-up and possibly even thinner.

The sources also believe that the rumoured 13 inch form factor could rather be used for Apple’s entry-level laptops (iBooks or Mac Book).

Is Halo the most machinima-ed machinima?

Machinima Music Video: Beverly Hills Halo = Halo 2 + Weezer’s Beverly Hills (via Kotaku)

You know that machinima is an art form that’s here to stay when it’s still something that constantly recreates itself. This Spartan Life is currently making the “airwaves” of the iTunes podcasting/videocasting charts. If you haven’t the faintest clue, This Spartan Life features Halo 2 combatants in a well-produced talk show much in format of The Late Show with David Letterman.

Check out their web site for episodes if you can’t find it on iTunes.

Videos: Watch our Web 2.0 & Educational Gaming sessions online!

Me2.0: Web 2.0 infiltrates real life
We began the Web 2.0 Workshop with participants tagging themselves with post-it notes

The Educational Technology Center (ETC) has been hosting a series of interesting workshops, including the Educational Gaming Conference, Alex Halavais’ Blog/Wiki overview, as well as my “Introduction to Web 2.0″ sessions. There’s more to come, including one entirely on RSS. While I wish I could invite all of you to attend these interesting conferences / workshops, we have no space and no money to fly you over. However, thanks to Robin’s diligence, I’m happy to snip the ribbons and welcome you to the much awaited Recorded ETC Special Events and Workshops page.

Yesiree! All these heart-pumping presentation goodness are now available in multiple formats, including video, audio (mp3) and workshop handouts (pdf). Seriously, this is a great way for anyone to get started with blogs, podcasting, wikis and on the whole Web 2.0 business without getting a pounding headache (I will supply Panadol if you do). Just sit and watch, but please don’t drool.

For our menu today, I would like to recommend the following:
* Intro to Podcasts (3/6/2006)
* Intro to Wikis (2/27/2006)
* Intro to Blogs (2/20/2006)
* Intro to Web 2.0 (2/13/2006)
* Educational Gaming conference (2/3/2006)
* Blogs and Wikis: contributing to the e-dialog (9/28/2005)

Keep an eye out for more content. RSS feed for the page coming soon.

Today’s Links: Where is Apple’s 30th Anniversary Mac?

20th Anniversary Mac
Apple’s 20th Anniversary Mac, codenamed Spartacus. No word on a 30th Anniversary one though…

Got Mac mini? Forget Core Duo, install a Merom!

Forget Core Duo, Get a Merom!
Photo: Spring IDF 2006: Merom and Ultra Mobile PCs by AnandTech

Just when you thought upgrading your own Mac mini from a Core Solo to a Core Duo proved your L337ness, it is no longer. The original hacker who did it first, just outdid himself today. Fugger went above and beyond by putting Intel’s new Merom mobile processor into the Mac Mini, offering at minimum a 19% improvement per clock. At this point you might be wondering, what the #@&# is a Merom? There’s more info on this next gen dual core architecture at Anandtech. While Merom is still months away, this shows how Apple’s Intel Macs really have a seamless upgrade path. (Hat tip to Paul Stamatiou who tipped me off about Chris Morrell’s post!)

FuriousFirefoxTabs: Tab Addictions Gone Wild…

My overbearing Firefox reading habit
You know you’re in trouble when your tabs take up more room than your browsing space…

Warning Warning… cranium overload in progress… all secondary functions shutting down. Believe it or not, I only realized this when I took a step back and had a sip of green tea (one of those red pill / blue pill moments). My reading habit must be one of those universal paradoxes; much worse than an unsolved crime. :P

Today’s Links: Making Macro Lenses on a Budget

Extreme Macro of Burning Match
Extreme Macro of Burning Match (via PhotoCritic)

Valleyschwag: For the Web 2.0 startup wannabes


Silicon valley is where all the geek action is, and what better way to show off your geek cred than through schwag adorned with company logos. We’re talking about t-shirts, ballcaps, notepads, stickers, keychains, and other goodies covered in Web 2.0 slogan goodness! Once accessible only by the conference goers or insider parties, you can now get the hottest Web 2.0 schwag delivered right to your door! All for $12.95 $14.95/month via Paypal (Argh, they jacked up the price this morning!).

Call me a loser, but I’m in… Are you?

Taking photographs and getting away with it…

Japanese lunch craving
12.11pm @ Wegmans supermarket along Maple Rd, Buffalo, NY

It’s been months since I had my last sushi. Being such a bright and cheery day in a typically cold Buffalo, I decided to head out to my neighborhood Wegmans for a Japanese lunch treat. As I stood affixed by the sushi showcase, I whipped out my Sidekick cellphone, ready to snap my next Flickr food extraveganza. As I steadied my shot, I felt a tap on my shoulder… there standing behind me was the sushi chef. While I was expecting to compliment him on the colorful delights he’s whipped up, he snapped at me instead, claiming that photos aren’t allowed in stores by law. I was turned off at first, but recognized that I was on private property after all, so I quietly bought my sushi roll, a new vitamin drink from Sobe called “LifeWater”, and headed out of the store. Once at a safe distance, I snapped the picture you see above.

Many of us often take our photos sheepishly in public, fearing either legal or socially-damning finger pointing while trying to satisfy our so-called need for art. Some advice I’ve seen in uncertain situations would be to let an onlooking figure of authority know what you’re up to and why. Often by saying that “this is for my blog” works, but if you’re feeling gutsy, you could also try faking it by saying you’re working for a newspaper or magazine (at your own risk!).

In any case, don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your dream for that perfect shot, be it through the lense of the most expensive digital SLR camera, or the blurry pinhole of your budget phone-cam. If you’re really trembling in fear whenever you take your camera out in public, then you might want to download and print the following guides on The Photographer’s Right (US and UK editions). If that’s not enough to quell your fear, then you need a stronger medicine in the form of “The Law, In Plain English, For Photographers“.

t-shirts 2.0

T-shirts 4 our times

Just some interesting t-shirts that reflect our times…
1. Pre-Pixelated clothings for Reality TV shows
2. Spoof Fedex t-shirt
3. Official Digg t-shirt (w/ free Red Sharpie Pen!)