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Video: Counter Counterfeit Mini Coopers

Counterfeit Mini DVDI found this really hilarious commercial about spotting counterfeit mini coopers just today while having my TV lunch.

Here’s a word from the Counter Counterfeit Commission: “At the CCC, we’re dedicated to putting an end to the victimization associated with purchasing a counterfeit MINI Cooper. We cooperate with MINI and international law enforcement to pursue criminals. But there’s one other crucial partner we need to recruit: YOU. We can’t do this without YOU. Educate yourself about the problem. Learn how to detect a fake. Know when you’re being hoodwinked. Together, we can put an end to this appalling injustice. Together, we can make our streets genuine once again.”

You can watch it here. Visit see even more bullshit counterfeits, watch videos where they raid counterfeiters and even buy a CCC DVD to learn to spot fakes! All this is viral marketing of course, but really the BEST I’ve ever seen!

Apparently this campaign started as early as February 2005, but for some reason I didn’t see it until now.

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Video: The Graduate

Hat tip to Gssq for sharing this short video about the hard life as a Singaporean graduate. Entitled “The Graduate”, this short socio-commentary video was produced by The Video Renegades back in 2003 (*respects*).

After watching this, do visit Gssq’s blog for his “scene by scene” commentary (better than a DVD!). He also sums up this succinct video as “a critique of the lamentable fact of intelligent, well-educated graduates being too choosey and holding out for good jobs instead of being entrepreneurial and retraining to fry gao laak (fried chestnuts) at hawker centres”. I just have to say that we Singaporeans should try to slow down and think beyond the dollars, so that we can start making some sense.

Where Singaporeans blog in America

Inspired by an earlier article on mapping the blogosphere, I’ve set up a Frappr group just for us Singaporean bloggers living in the United States. With this, we could visit Singaporeans in our travels, organize blogger meetups or simply to keep track of how everyone’s doing in case of emergencies!

Before you do anything, “Add Yourself” now by clicking the button below.

While you’re at it, advertise your blog by putting down your blog URL and a little background on yourself. Also, feel free to add this button to your blog and help get the word out.

Check out our Frappr!

Bloggers who have added themselves:
From a Singapore Angle – Huichieh Loy
e pur si muove – Elia Diodati
everything in its own time – two olandario

Wandie, maker of the Singapore Bloglocator, just posted a blurb about our Frappr SG Bloggers map.

Today’s Links: Making Money though Blogging

Professor’s sister survives shark attack

Megan survives shark attack

“I felt a bump hit, I think that’s when he bit me. I think I grabbed around – I was like trying to throw my body on top by his dorsal fin and then grab the tail. I was trying to push. I was just pushing it away.” - Megan, hardcore shark attack survivor

I don’t know how this slipped my various RSS radars three times, but I just learnt from my professor that his little sister, Megan Halavais, was recently attacked by a shark. Alex posted several news reports about it, including this short one which got her name all wrong (journalists aren’t any better than bloggers). News10 Sacramento had this to report:

A 20-year-old woman bit by a shark while surfing off the Sonoma County coast recalled the shark as “huge” and said it was probably more scared than she was.

Meg Halavais spoke with reporters today from her hospital bed. Her leg was swathed in dressings covering the 18-inch bite in her right leg. She was in the water at Salmon Creek Beach, where she has been surfing for the past two years, when the attack happened. It was quick. “It came behind me, chomped, and released,” Halavais recounted. She said she didn’t didn’t feel any immediate pain from the bite.

Witnesses to the attack think the shark was a Great White, and experts concur. There have been prior sightings of Great Whites at Salmon Creek Beach and the size of the bite marks on Halavais’ leg and surfboard is consistent with a that species of shark. Halavais just knew it was a big shark. “It was huge,” she remembered. “It was like twice the size of me.”

shark attacks

California has beaches where you’d find the most number of shark attacks in the United States, so one really has to be careful surfing there. Megan escaped certain death as the shark bite was just centimeters from hitting a major artery. Still, she has a hard road of recovery ahead of her… the shark apparently severed her quadriceps and calf muscles. Even though the shark temporarily took away some part of her, she remains in good spirits. Doctors played Beach Boys music and Halavais joked while they cleaned her wounds and repaired her muscles with dozens of stitches. You can see how big the shark bite was just by looking at her surf board…

Alex shares with us a press conference video with her doctor, boyfriend, and fellow surfer. Kudos to Megan Halavais for teaching others to be brave.

Top 10 things to yell out when watching DOOM (movie)


Top 10 Things To Yell Out During DOOM, The Movie (written by A Boy and His Computer):

10. How do I bring up the console?
9. Teh Rock is a n00b.
8. Dude, that hurt. The health is behind the crate!
7. Team kill!
6. This new engine rules.
5. Crap map.
4. This AI is so fucking lame.
3. (as the credits roll) That last boss sucked.
2. Fucking camper fags!
1. Shit, how do I skip this cut scene? This fucking sucks, it’s been going on for like 30 minutes.

Here’s mine: “Use GOD MODE dummy!!”

It’s a great review when…

Great Zoom

The reviewer’s pretty darn honest! For some reason he loves the camera’s zoom… who wouldn’t?

Today’s Links: Mazda Sassou = Very nice

Mazda Sassou

Script kiddie tries stealing my passwords

culturejammingI’VE HAD IT!! The first time I placed my trust in Windows PCs, is now my last. I’m heading back into the Mac world thanks to some pimple-faced script kiddies and their pseudo-l33t windows hacking skills. Once again several computers were compromised at work today due to a rogue FTP program, disguised as a Norton Anti-Virus service, giving free access to everything on the computers from outside our network. Fortunately, our system admins caught this in time, removed the malware and took off other programs which might cause future problems (e.g. VNC server, Seti screensaver).

It’s not that we don’t have good security here (the sysadmin ladies are seriously on the ball), but if you are in any field of security, you would know that there’s never 100% defense against any form of attack. Security is merely a deterance, and as Thomas Jefferson best put it: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance“. Since you’re never sure, you have to always keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

That said, switching back to the Mac isn’t going to ensure I live a life protected from these losers. However, it sure comforts me to know that no one’s yet managed to create viruses, spyware, or other malware to mess with your online existence when you’re on a Mac. Now I must painfully journey through the many web services as I can remember to change and protect my accounts with stronger passwords. And yes, I have more than one password… which hurts, but adds segmented layers of protection over everything I use. Like they say, don’t put all you eggs in one basket, even if it were a bullet proof one.