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CIT 2008 // Day 3: Everything I needed to know I learn from the Simpsons

CIT2008 The Simpsons

Billie Bennett, Ph.D. and Steven Doellefeld, Ph.D. come from the Institute for Teaching, Learning and Academic Leadership at the University at Albany. and they presented on how educators could infuse pop culture into their classroom. Here are excerpts from this morning:

Intellectual Praise
Stephen Hawkings: What did he think of “The Simpsons” TV show, which has had Hawking as an animated guest star? “It’s the best thing on American TV.

Books based on the Simpsons
The Gosphel According to The Simpsons (2001)

Media Studies and The Simpsons
Janathan Gray’s Watching with the Simpsons: Television, Parody, and Intertextuality (2006)
Leaving Springfield: The Simpsons and the Possibility of Oppositional Culture (2003)

Billie and Steven explain that across 19 season’s worth of Simpsons episodes, there are tons of references usable for various academic disciplines.

Science and The Simpsons
Eat my lab coat by Michael Gross, The Guardian 30 Oct 2003

What’s science ever done for us?
Paul Halpern on Intellectualism

The Simpsons in the Classroom
Used to teach concepts in psychology, sociology, political science, economics, literature
Good catalyst for discussion

Shows examples of Simpsons clips useful in different disciplines
Very well researched (they watched 19 seasons over and over again!) presentation!
Last slide features a meta-argument on stealing animation, that throughout history, cartoons rip one another off!

Questions & Answers
Someone asks where can she could find relevant Simpsons clips for her class. Billie and Steven suggest starting with The Simpsons Archive and googling your discipline and the Simpsons, as others have already used them for pedagogy. Another participant recommends having students find relevant clips for class.

Someone who teaches astronomy notes that our generation watched The Simpsons, while students are watching Family Guy, which is more risque. Steven recommends finding and using other TV shows as well.

WHat copyright issues d you have to deal with? Steven says that it’s nefarious. Teachers are doing it in the classroom for educational use, so it should be fine if you don’t overdo it. Someone I can’t verify, possibly an IP law professor, notes that even such use is limited to two years of course use, after which you should purchase rights to it.

Singapore’s own 11yr old “John Mayer” in the making…

With all the high production videocasts I’m seeing on the web, it sure is refreshing to see something so heartfelt and authentic.

My buddy Michael Cho, an accomplished street singer and thinker behind, recently emailed me about his 11 year old brother-in-law, “NickyRicky“.

You see, NickyRicky recently wrote his first song entitled “I saw love in front of me”. After watching it, I think he’s soon to be Singapore’s little “John Mayer“.

Michael mentioned that NickyRicky wrote the lyrics and composed the music, so all he had to do was to figure out the chords for his little one.

If you can’t get enough of NickyRicky, check out his Youtube channel “Remote Control Productions” where his other hilarious videos include one about a disease you get from doing too much homework.

DIY: Unacceptable Employee Behavior

How to deal with unacceptable employee behavior

Status update: Right now I’m busy trying to make a dissertation progress submission by Friday, so I’ll be sharing a compiled report for “So… would you hire a social media strategist?” sometime next week. Meantime, something silly.

I saw this seminar handout (yes, it’s real!) which begged for a remix… and so I complied. Warning, totally inappropriate language ensues after the jump….

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Twittering “Lee Kwan Yew” to test Singapore’s Internet freedom

Twitter / LeeKuanYew has FakeSteve to deal with, while Singapore has her own twittering “Lee Kwan Yew” on the loose!

Will this “Lee Kwan Yew” be able to entertain us with his satirical ways, or will he be subjected to some form of defamation suit (a first for twitter)?

Given that a high profile group of political bloggers has just submitted a 20 page “Proposal for Internet freedom in Singapore” (pdf) to the Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts, Dr Lee Boon Yang, perhaps our twittering Lee will be a fresh test of the civil liberties of our pending media landscape.

As a member of the group of 15 bloggers making these recommendations, Bernard Leong invites Singaporeans (especially bloggers) to provide feedback about the proposals. A summary of the key proposals is available right after the jump…

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My Hypothetical Operation HQ: Blogging so you don’t have to…

My Operation HQ

UPDATE: I’m reposting this without the neat Flickr notes rollover script as it interferes with my blog template. Click through the image to see the items on my workbench.

Here at my Hypothetical Operation HQ, there are plenty of reasons to stay, and very little to leave.

If Buffalo’s bitter cold outside won’t stop you, employees are given personal space to customize as they please, complete with a full bevy of the latest computers, multiple LCD screens, game consoles, books, magazines and other knick-knacks to keep their minds occupied.

On the right, you see a fairly new eBay acquisition, the TC1100 tablet PC (no longer in production). Working like a 12″ Wacom tablet, this device strips down to 3lbs (like the MacBook Air), has a swing out keyboard and a rotating dock with a DVD drive. Costing not much more than an Asus Eee, the TC1100 is an Intel Centrino machine, featuring a 1Ghz Pentium M processor, 1gb of memory and an 80gb hard drive. Techno-aficionados swear by its unique convertible design, so if you have one, take spanking good care of it!

Finally, if none of these considerations are attractive enough for you, there’s always cake.

Damn Internet rumors… OK I’ll only say this once…

Fine fine, Paris and I are BFF.
There I said it.

I’ll have to blame Zhi for being the first to spill the beans.

In related news, TechCrunch acquires Singapore Entrepreneurs for US$50K, Singeo notes that the Singapore Government is set to ban Google Earth, while LeafMonkey discovers a drown victim caught in a driftnet who remains visibly attractive, thanks to her diet of plastics. *chuckles*

P.S.: If you don’t get what rickrolling is, that’s sad. Even Youtube’s into it. Frankly speaking, as Anil Dash reiterates, plenty of April Fool’s Day jokes just plain suck. Mine included.

Magnus “Maestro” Martensson @ United Nations

Having had the honor of working with the multi-talented (and ever quirky) Magnus “Maestro” Martensson, here is his recent performance for International Women’s Day at the United Nations.

His piece came in towards the end of this 2hr long webcast (requires RealPlayer). This video clip will eventually go onto his delightful blog at

Which t-shirt would you prefer on a date?

This t-shirt is so funkin' ace!Can I has web crawlers?

On left, a suit t-shirt so ridiculously ace, it’d school the slickest of platypuses. On right, a fiendish t-shirt so tall, dark and dangerous, it’d make the chastest of non-nubere nuns quiver.

Over to you ladies and gents…

“Shpigler, you shark, how the hell do you do it?”

I was randomly exploring the followers of followers of me on Twitter when I saw this satirical educational video on Micki’s mickipedia blog.

How to raise money from VCs” has this Israeli investor sharing his tricks to getting venture capitalists to part with their money. Thing is, the tips are downright absurd (though they might just work).

My favorite phases from the clip include…
“You shark, how the hell do you do it?”
“Web 2.0 – The new anti-trend”
“Ride your Excel like there’s no tomorrow”
You get the picture…

Aside: If you’ve got a hot idea and need a VC, might want to check out some of these free VC eBooks via Mashable.

Scott Johnson of 56 Geeks does “Kevin the Lifecaster”

Scott Johnson's "Kevin the Lifecaster"

Illustrated by the talented Scott Johnson, creator of The 56 Geeks Project.

What do you think?
First thoughts from friends was that I look fat, but I think it makes me more approachable. I’m thinking of making name cards out of these. BTW, can anyone make out what that pink tamagotchi-like thing on the belt is suppose to be?

Scott runs a game-centric cartoon blog at